CPM Mechanics Symposium

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CPM Mechanics Symposium Hosted on LinkedIn

The ICS-Institute is proud to host the extremely popular CPM Mechanics Symposium  which is held year-round on LinkedIn, the social networking site for business professionals. We have chosen this comfortable, convenient, and secure members-only setting to run the eighteen-week, interactive, self-paced Study Group that covers every aspect of the Critical Path Method at its most basic and fundamental. Ownership of CPM Mechanics, the required text for the CPM Mechanics Symposium is the requirement for admission.

Weekly Cycle of Learning

So how does it work? What happens each week? The weekly Cycle of Learning for this unique online seminar is as follows:

Read: Participants read the current week’s Suggested Reading Passages from:

  • A book: CPM Mechanics
  • A weekly Critical Path Method blog: It’s About Time
  • A weekly Project Time Management blog: Thinking Outside the Box

Discuss: The Symposium Moderator will posesDiscussion Questions, which Participants actively discuss. We believe that books alone don’t have all of the answers; even the books we have written!  The greater wealth of knowledge is to be found in the experiences we can share with one another.

Is the CPM Mechanics Symposium Right for You?

The  CPM Mechanics Symposium was created specifically with Project Managers, Superintendents, Operations Managers, Architects, Engineers, Owners, Planners, Schedulers, and Consultants in mind. This is your best opportunity to learn the Critical Path Method, completely and accurately, once and for all!  It is convenient, affordable, flexible and, best of all, fun!

What Does the CPM Mechanics Symposium Cost?

The CPM Mechanics Symposium itself is free; that is, there is no admission charge.  However, only those who own a copy of CPM Mechanics will be admitted. This means that only those who have purchased the book, or have been given a complimentary copy by ICS-Institute (e.g., college professors) are granted permission into the Study Hall.

The good news is that CPM Mechanics is quite affordable in its own right. But when you consider thatit also gains you admission into the CPM Mechanics Symposium, it is a phenomenal value. At the ICS-Store you can purchase the digital version of CPM Mechanics for only $75, or the hard cover version is $150. You can also purchase hard cover versions of the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other fine retailers … but, for some reason, their prices seem to be much higher than through the ICS-Store.

When Does the Next Symposium/Course Start?

Think of the CPM Mechanics Symposium as a year-round, ongoing Book Club that essentially discusses just one book, CPM Mechanics.  Go there to read the comments of others, of to leave behind your own pearls of wisdom.  The CPM Mechanics Course is a self-paced program that one can commence at any time, and complete at any rate of speed. So, neither the Symposium nor the Course has any set start or completion dates.

Don’t Procrastinate! Sign Up Today!

Where else can you participate in a comprehensive, in-depth discussion about the Critical Path Method based on a 500 page best-selling book … all for $75  — the price of the book itself?

Click  here to get the Enrollment Application Form, to register for the CPM Mechanics Symposium.

Note: ICS-Institute also offers a for credit counterpart to the CPM Mechanics Symposium. Students who successfully meet completion requirements for the CPM Mechanics Course will receive a formal Certificate of Completion and qualify for forty (40) Professional Development Units (PDUs). The Tuition Fee for the CPM Mechanics Course is only $1,500! Compared to the cost of most three-day, or even two-day, seminars (which can easily top $5,000), this program is a tremendous value. Click here to learn more.