About the CPM Mechanics Course (for credit)

CPM Mechanics Course is State of the Art (and Science)

The online CPM Mechanics Course offered by ICS-Institute is without doubt the most comprehensive, thorough, current, and understandable course ever presented about the Critical Path Method. The CPM Mechanics Course is an eighteen-week, online, relatively self-paced  course of study designed for anyone who wants to know how the Critical Path Method really works at its functional core.

While this may include planners, schedulers, consultants, lawyers, and educators … the CPM Mechanics Course was mainly intended for Construction Project Managers and Site Superintendents, for these are the folks who actually run the project. The CPM Mechanics Course  is offered year-round, and you can start whenever it is best for your busy schedule.

The ICS-Institute of Construction Project Time Management Studies

ICS-Institute of Construction Project Time Management Studies operates an online Learning Center called the ICS-eCademy. This Learning Center is where students and instructors freely and easily interact in a members-0nly environment. The ICS-eCademy is powered by Moodle, a world-class Course Management System (also known as a Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment).

The primary operating base for the CPM Mechanics Course is at the ICS-eCademy Learning Center. Students taking any ICS-Institute courses are given a username and password, which grants them full access to the portions of the ICS-eCademy pertaining to their educational pursuits.

CPM Mechanics Course Not for the Faint of Heart

The CPM Mechanics Course is taken for credit. So, if you are not willing to put in the effort required to earn that credit, then don’t take the course.  Instead, if you still want the knowledge  but just don’t have the time to devote right now, then consider the CPM Mechanics Symposium, which has not performance requirements.

Just what are the performance requirements to earn formal credits through the CPM Mechanics Course In a nutshell, students of the CPM Mechanics Course are expected to complete the following items:

  • Weekly, students are expected to:
    • Read: Read Required Reading Passages from CPM Mechanics, the book, as well as from two weekly blogs
    • Discuss: Actively contribute to ongoing Discussions out on LinkedIn, the site of the CPM Mechanics Symposium
    • Perform: Weekly, students will be given short exercises, short projects, or technical problems to solve
    • Test: Each week, students will be required to pass one or more short quizzes that test their understanding of the week’s materials
  • In addition to weekly tasks, students will be required to:
    • Test: Pass an open-book, timed Mid-Term Exam and an open-book, timed Final Exam
    • Project: Submit a Final Project that will demonstrate broad understanding of the Course’s content

What Does the CPM Mechanics Course Cost?

There is a Tuition Fee to take the  CPM Mechanics Course. Because the CPM Mechanics Course is still fairly new, we are offering an introductory discount from its suggested retail price, which is $1,500. For a limited time, the CPM Mechanics Course is priced at only $1,350, which does not include the underlying text, CPM Mechanics.  The book can be purchaed at the ICS-Store for $75 (digital) or $150 (hard cover).  It is also sold by many popular online retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

One need only Google on “Project Management training” to see that the gvoing rate for online training is around $100-150 an hour, and often much higher.  Considering that the CPM Mechanics Course qualifies passing students for forty (40) Professional Development Units (PDUs), this course should cost between $4,000-6000.  Clearly, a $1,500 price tag for an exceptional education constitutes a great value.