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Fast Becoming an International Favorite Among Schedulers

The ICS-Dictionary is fast becoming an international favorite among Construction Project Time Management professionals, who wish to infuse their work products with a consistent, well-defined, and completely interconnected set of terms and concepts that have been carefully wordsmithed to insure precise meaning with every chosen word. (Note: The ICS-Dictionary is a continually-growing document.)

The ICS-Compendium is a five-year project to write ten volumes pertaining to Construction Project Time Management.  Over the course of those years and that writing, additional terms and concepts will be added to the ICS-Dictionary. For this reason, you should not be alarmed or upset if you fail to find a definition that you expected to see.

With that said, we intend to release updates of the ICS-Dictionary on a periodic basis, either quarterly or more often, as the amount of new content accumulates. If we receive a volume of inquiries about a term that we have not yet had need to define (for the benefit of an ICS-Compendium volume), we will surely do our best to draft that definition and include it in the next release of the ICS-Dictionary.

So, please stay in touch with us. Get on our mailing list to be automatically notified when a new release of the ICS-Dictionary (or another ICS-White Paper) has been posted.