ICS-White Paper: Understanding the Point-of-Day Perspectives


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A Calculation Perspective When performing Manual Date Calculations

This White Paper explains the importance and application of three possible Date Calculation Perspectives that can be used when performing manual Date Calculations as part of Forward Pass and Backward Pass Procedures.

The Point-of-Day Perspectives refer to the choice that a Project Facilitator makes before performing manual Date Calculations* (either Forward Pass or Backward Pass). This decision affects whether the Earliest Dates (Earliest Start and Earliest Finish) and Latest Dates (Latest Start and Latest Finish) are correct, or are “off by one day.” If this makes no sense just yet, it will by the end of this White Paper.

* To learn more about how the different Date Calculation Perspectives are used, see ICS-WHITE PAPER WPB-KI-13, “How to Calculate Basic Dates in the Critical Path Method.”